Check out our love for FOOD…Yes, I admitted it out loud…We love food!  It is amazing how fun it can be to cook in the kitchen…by yourself, with your hubby, and your kids!  Don’t freak out yet.  Kids don’t have to be gross all the time!  Just set some ground rules and they’ll have a blast and feel so grown up by making something so divine (…and if it flops, they’ll still think it tastes the best because they made it!) We hope that some of our favorite recipes will be some of your favorite recipes.  We hope that everyone can find cooking at least a bit enjoyable! Our family has fun and our kids will eat anything they make (you should have seen them down a big pan or zucchini and summer squash tonight!).  If you send us pictures of the yummy things you whip up in the kitchen, we just might even feature them here at LiveCreative101! To access our DIY Love features, you can click on the menu above or one of the links below! What’s your family favorite recipe? Leave a comment.  Love what you see? Leave a comment.  Wanna see something specific on here…leave a comment!  Can’t wait to hear from you!

Click below for our favorites or above on the menu bar! Bon Appetite!

Cooking With Kids




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