Throwback Thursday – A Moment to Reflect

Some days I get so involved in the day to day routine that when I see a picture like this it makes me stop.  I stop and recall all of those precious days with little ones.  In the season of toddlers and babies when we were outnumbered with four kids under 6 years old, it seemed crazy.  I considered our house crazy busy while I was crazy keeping the kids alive yet crazy happy. So many people gave me the advice that was to enjoy the moment because those were the best days of our lives.  It was true! I loved the excitement in their eyes.  They had a beautiful joy in their giggles. Everything that we introduced to them was exciting and a trip to the backyard was a big adventure! They made messes and the messes made memories!  Our oldest is now 13 and our youngest is almost 8.  We have loved every stage and still go by the advice to enjoy the moment.  So take some time today and stop and enjoy the moment.

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