5 Steps to Bible Journaling – Why I Color in my Bible

Matthew 2:14.  “So he got up, took the child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt.” For this entry I used Art Basics Clear Gesso to prep my page, Faber-Castel Gelatos, Black Micron 01 Pen, and the silver and white Gelly Roll pens.

Several years ago I came across a picture that someone had colored in their Bible.  What!  They colored in their Bible? Up until that point, my Bible had some underlining and highlighting but that was it.  My Bible was neat and clean.  The pages were not wrinkled. It looked as if it was close to new.  I read it but was very careful with it.  The day I saw the picture online, my thought process changed.  I love art.  I love to create.  I love messy. I love making something come to life with color and line.  I love paint and multimedia. God is creative.  He created this whole universe and everything in it.  He paints the sky everyday just for me. If he does that I am betting he wants to see what I have to give just to Him.

I am a tactile learner so Bible Journaling has become a love for me.  I remember best by making and creating. In college, every class had a large textbook. I had to work really hard to read and remember it. School did not come easy to me. I took major notes, drew pictures, and highlighted a lot. I graduated Cum Laude and without turning Anthropology and Geology into some amazing notes I may not have been on that list!  There were times when I remember reading my Bible and getting to the end of the page and wondering what I just read. I would then go back and reread it. Now I find a lot of joy in mixing my God and artwork together! My quiet times are so much more meaningful.

Everyone has their own unique way that they connect with God. It may be through reading, worship, or prayer. I incorporate those three into my Bible Journaling. Today my Bible is well loved. To me, it is priceless.  The pages are tattered.  There is color spilling out.  I love to see my Bible sitting on my bedside stand. Do you want to give it a try? Here are 5 easy steps to help you get started!

5 Steps to Bible Journaling

  1. Devo Time! – Spend some quiet time with God!  Read from the Bible, a devotional book, or a Bible App.  Listen to worship music or just sit in the quietness.
  2. What Sparks your Imagination? – Look for a verse or a sentence from your devotional that stands out to you.  If you can’t find anything, pray about it!  See what God speaks to your heart.
  3. Bring it to Life – Use your Bible, a journal, or a sketchbook. Draw, stamp, write, paint, tape, glue, color or whatever your heart desires!  You may not be an artist and that is ok!  This is between you and God.  So have fun.  Try something new! Maybe you just want to write words, use stamps and stickers from the hobby store, or you may want to turn that verse into a full museum quality piece of art.  Do what you want! Don’t compare with others. Everyone has their own unique way to journal!
  4. Embellish it – Use paperclips tied with cut pieces of fabric, add a tab to the page, or a sticky note. Use a date stamp or write the date on your entry.
  5. The Grand Finale – You did it! As you Bible Journal you will find that journaling through different seasons of your life can help you focus on Who He Is and the Promises He Has For Your Life. It is incredible to look back at past entries and see how God has answered prayers and carried us through the tough times.

Now go grab your Bible and see what God has in store for you!

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